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SmartLogin® Features

SmartLogin® offers many features to enhance your business and your customers' online experience.
Quick and Easy Installation
A 20 second download to install that's simple and reliable. After setup, customers never need to manually login again. Just 1-Click and You're in.
1-Click Login
Just One Click on your Company Logo icons and users are automatically logged into your Online Application ready to place an order. No more usernames & passwords to remember and type in.
Desktop Brand Advertising
A desktop application that displays your brand more often and delivers you orders. More powerful than search.
Safe and Secure
SSL V3 encryption is used for all transmittal of user credentials between the client computer and our servers, and we use industry standard encryption methodology and strong encryption keys to store user credentials on the client computer.
Real Time Install Tracking
Email alerts can be sent allowing real time tracking of install activity. Alerts can also be sent if customers should ever uninstall.
Real Time Reporting
Reporting data to track the total number of installs. Data includes the date/time of the initial install, when the icons were last clicked, when removed, and how many times the icons have been clicked on. Exportable to Excel.
FACT: SmartLogin® follows PCI Standards and Guidelines