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SmartLogin® Benefits

SmartLogin® is a business asset for all industries. The advantages of displaying your company branded icon on your customer's Desktop, browser toolbar, and Quick Launch taskbar, with 1-Click login access provides many important benefits:
Drives More Online Orders
Simple 1-Click login entices customers to buy now and makes it easier to do business with you. The result is higher conversions and increased online orders.
Creates Bottom Line Profits
Highly effective productivity improvement tool that streamlines operations and minimizes back end labor and support costs.
24x7 Desktop Branding Exposure
Higher brand visibility, improved brand building and awareness, maximum hype and buzz generation, and keeps your brand top-of-mind even the subliminal consciousness of consumers.
Higher Customer Loyalty
Optimal customer convenience tool that delivers higher customer engagement and loyalty, brings more value to your clients, and engenders life customers versus one time buyers.
Increased Sales
Turns desktop impressions into repeat clicks that drives more revenue.
Competitive Edge
Creates a powerful edge over your competition. 1-Click access creates customer stickiness and loyalty that competitors have a hard time overcoming.
No Support Issues
Designed to work for every user even under the tightest security settings. No modification or changes required and no IT resources necessary.
Track & Reporting Analytics
Provides real time tracking of installations and enhanced reporting to measure results and activity.
FACT: SmartLogin® follows PCI Standards and Guidelines